Braces to straighten teeth, early treatment to modify facial growth and sleep apnea devices

Our Orthodontic dentists provide excellent, comprehensive orthodontic treatment for all ages. Services include:

  • Traditional braces  
  • Invisible options such as Invisalign and the new lingual braces
  • Dental implants, which are orthodontic anchors to move targeted teeth without causing shift in other teeth. Offered for more complex cases, this option can reduce the overall treatment time as well as make orthodontic treatment possible for patients that were previously untreatable
  • Repair or replacement of retainers
  • Sleep apnea appliances as an alternative to Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP). We will work in conjunction with your physician to determine if this treatment is best for you.

Are you new to town or moving out of town soon? Our practitioners are willing to finish or take short term transfer patients.

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