A crown, sometimes called a “cap”, is a type of dental restoration which completely encircles a tooth. The procedure can be performed by a general dentist or prosthodontist. A crown is also used to restore dental implants. A crown can be made from a variety of materials such as gold, precious metals, porcelain, and other tooth colored materials.  At least two appointments are needed to fabricate a crown. The first appointment usually involves preparing the tooth, taking dental impressions, and making a temporary crown to wear while the crown is being fabricated at the lab. The second appointment is usually about 2-3 weeks after the initial appointment. During the second appointment the dentist “tries in” the crown, checks the color/shade of the crown, checks the bite, and makes any needed minor adjustments to the crown. The final step at that appointment is cementing the crown into the mouth. This is the most common procedure for fabricating a crown however in some patients there is an option that involves creating a same-day all porcelain crown in the dental office in one appointment.